Integrative with A2J AuthorIncreasing Access to Justice

A2J Screenshot

As pro se litigation continues to rise, it’s vital to the health of the justice community that citizens are educated and empowered to accurately represent themselves. Increasing access to justice is a core pillar in JusticeTech’s mission, which is why our solutions integrate with A2J Author, a globally-respected self-guided interview technology that takes users by the hand and walks them through a step-by-step Q&A that results in a precise, clerk-ready legal form.

Successful and fulfilling, our partnership with A2J Author continues to reach underserved communities with its interviews available in over 14 languages and on mobile devices. Coupled with JusticeTech, access to justice is taken a step further with an electronic filing (eFiling) system. With 24x7 filing access from the convenience of any secure internet location, constituents and the courts save on the costs of paper and the stress of increased foot traffic in the courthouse.

Meeting unrepresented constituents where and as they are has established a stronger, more positive relationship between the courts and the public. Boiling down confusing legal jargon on piles of paper-based forms into a straightforward, comprehensive digitalized process has built a fluid, results-driven environment in which clerks and constituents can work together.