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Motion to Reduce Paper Related Stress

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Clerks understand that paper is inherently stressful, especially if a case file is misplaced or can’t be found. Now, imagine your office without a physical case file storage area. No more creating, storing, or pulling physical case files. A world where documents are easily captured, filed, and electronically routed. Clerks around the country are creating this reality using JusticeTech to dramatically improve constituent service and employee morale.

Filed documents are easily captured and docketed into the electronic case file from a variety of sources:

  • E-Filing (any system or ImageSoft’s TrueFiling)
  • Scan (mail and over the counter)
  • Fax
  • Custom Templates (Orders, Judgments, etc.)

The electronic case file offers best in class features, such as:

  • Intuitive color-coded filing structure and case jacket
  • Automated records management (doc retention, etc.)
  • Security for public, sealed, confidential & expunged records
  • Mobile device support

With electronic case files, not only can you view your case files by the order of filing and by tab groups (e.g., motions, orders, judgments, etc.) but this advanced solution allows for different users to view the same set of documents in a different folder structure. Clerks, judges, and prosecutors can view the same documents in the way that works best for them. The system handles all of this automatically, no matter how the document gets into the system.

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Workflow Efficiency

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Clerk workflow queues allow documents to flow between the Clerk’s office and other related justice offices.

The Clerk stays in control with an easy-to-configure workflow engine that includes:

  • Assignment rules based on case type and other criteria
  • Routing rules for court specific doc code’s
  • Timers based on user specified wake-up reasons
  • Electronic signing and markup for Judge and Clerk

Electronic workflows increase your staff’s efficiency (courts have seen filing approval times reduced from days to within 24 hours) providing you with more capacity without increasing your headcount. Documents and case files move between offices with a click of a button, with a full audit trail to ensure that the court’s processes are followed.

Workflows allow information to freely flow electronically between the Clerk and all parties to a case.

Other Clerk specific workflow functions:

  • Reduce postage by electronically notifying parties
  • Improve service and integrity without the physical seal using electronic certification
  • Enable our unique document packaging solution for bind-overs and appeals

JusticeTech offers a standard integration with most commercial and homegrown Case Management Systems (CMS). Areas of integration include:

  • Case and party information
  • Judicial calendar
  • Document ingestion and processing (Notices, Orders, etc.)
  • Enable CMS to easily retrieve Electronic Case File
  • Push information to CMS using ECF standard

With integration to your case management system, you eliminate much of the duplicate keying from filings and transferring of data between systems. This reduces your workload while keeping your data up-to-date and accurate.

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