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Electronic Case File Tabs

In a court of record efficiency, the clerk’s office is spacious – no physical file storage for miles. Digital transformation means electronic filing is always at your fingertips and records management is as easy as just a few clicks. From there, reports, photos and other case data is easily captured and digitally routed to the next step (yes, even to the higher courts!).

No, this is not dream. It’s reality for numerous clerks who leverage our Clerk Solution to optimize their productivity, improve relations with external agencies, courts and constituents, cut costs and boost morale.


The around-the-clock electronic filing (eFiling) service for courts, law firms and individual filers, TrueFiling supports the convenience of online filing. With little-to-no paper, optimized processing, and zero travel, justice is expedited from litigants to clerks, lower to higher courts and for filers across the nation.

Utilizing TrueFiling means three options: (1) deploy as an electronic filing service provider (EFSP) providing a customizable, comfortable interface for integrating with any existing ECF 4.0-conformant electronic filing managers (EFM), or (2) as an EFM supporting connection with multiple EFSPs to centralize all filing processes. Most customers go with option three and leverage TrueFiling as both an EFSP and EFM.

The user-centric filing experience also supports:

  • 24x7 filing from any secure internet location
  • Seamless integration with any court’s case or document management system
  • The self-serve ability to create new cases, search existing ones or add new filings
  • One-login access to multi-jurisdictional courts and cases from the same user interface
  • Increased process visibility with the clerk’s Filing Review Workflow
  • Automatic notifications of updates or changes to a filing

Serving as a centralized hub for communication, TrueFiling ensures that all filers and courts are in contact, on the same page, and moving forward together.

Clerk Flowchart
Screenshots Clerk

Records Management

Digitalized case files transform typical records management into the clerk’s one-stop-shop experience, complete with a full “docket” of electronic capabilities that include:

  • Color-coded case jackets and tabs
  • Electronically automated records management
  • Stronger security relating to expunged cases, public, sealed, or confidential records
  • Mobility (such as the Judge signing orders from home)
  • Electronic certifications that improve productivity and constituent service
  • Fluid data flow between the clerk and related parties
  • Minimal postage costs
  • Digital assembly solution for case bind-overs and appeals


Leveraging digital document storage and workflow, clerk communication with related justice offices stays fluid with just a few clicks.

With complete control over their files, clerks configure their user-friendly workflow to:

  • Assign rules-based routing dependent on case type and other criteria
  • Establish routing rules for court-specific document codes
  • Set timers according to user-identified wake-up rationale
  • Electronically Sign (eSign) and markup documents

Equipped with the capabilities above, clerk efficiency naturally rises without any changes in staff count. Supported by a digital workflow, many of our customer courts have enjoyed a steep drop in filing approval times. What used to take several days is now completed in just 24 hours.

Screenshots Clerk 2

Screenshots Clerk

Document Sharing

An appealing solution for clerks, Justices and citizens alike, CaseShare is the court’s sustainable solution to the typical ping-pong that ensues during case assembly and ascension. Capable of integrating with the lower court’s case or document management system, or operating as a stand-alone solution, CaseShare facilitates the fancy footwork to ensure interoperability between court systems and fluid data flow. Taking efficiency a step further, CaseShare also:

  • Populates a Table of Contents and Documents List
  • Groups and merges documents
  • Generates text-searchable documents
  • Rotates, re-orders, deletes, and/or adds pages with one click
  • Automates page numbers, watermarks and bookmarks
  • Creates Sealed Volumes ad hoc

For attorneys or constituents that require certified copies, TrueCertify provides a highly secure, digital way to deliver electronic copies of court documents with an electronic seal.

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