JusticeTech forCourt Admins, State & Other Agencies

Satisfying Constituent Demand

Court Admin Flowchart

Court Administrators can profoundly influence how well a court operates. Modern court administration focuses on satisfying constituent demand for greater access, improved transparency, and increased efficiency. The result of planning and executing a paperless strategy directly impacts the experience citizens have with the court. JusticeTech is fast becoming the platform of choice for Court Administrators across the country looking for a management tool to achieve these strategic goals and improve user outcomes.

Courts interact with many justice related agencies both at the state and local level. For example: State Court Administrative Office; Department of Human Services; Department of Corrections; Public Safety; Public Defenders Office; etc. The JusticeTech platform provides a robust set of reporting dashboards and integration services to streamline process and communications with each of these agencies.


  • Code-less screen integration to your CMS
  • Supports standard protocols to exchange data


  • Management dashboard
  • Powerful reporting, user configurable interface