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Keeping pace with the accelerating speeds and demands of justice is taxing enough on courts, who are continuously challenged to do more with less. As the justice system gains momentum in today’s dynamic court system, it’s critical that the Judge stay in the driver’s seat and at the center of all data flow.

The Judge’s fast pass to custom docket creation, real-time case information, complimenting documentation, eSignatures and more, the eBench solution integrates with the court’s existing case and document management system to pave a streamlined, bi-directional pathway from the cases to the courts.

Logging into their daily, digitalized docket, Judges are presented with a short summary of each case. One click expands the case view and keeps Your Honor on track with the ability to make ad hoc edits, sort hearings, sign paperwork and check off to-do items as they go.

And yes, all this functionality in just this one solution.

When we say eEverything, we mean everything. With insights beyond his or her own bench, the Judge simply keys full-text searches of ancillary case folders. Doing so pulls psychology reports, probation assessments, memorandums and other relevant data into the case, allowing the Judge to make his or her most informed decision.

“Please eSign here, Your Honor”
With access to case information and documents from any remote, internet location, the Judge can offer his or her autograph while on-the-go and free of the hand cramps that ensue from wet ink signatures. Not only are eSignatures easier on the Judge, they uphold the integrity of the Judge’s orders. An image of Your Honor’s signature, alongside an encrypted code, and the time and date of signing, is affixed to the document. Courts can take authenticity a step further by also configuring the solution to include a watermark behind the Judge’s signature.

And with aiSmartBench being a best-of-breed solution, it’s not dependent on a particular CMS. We do the integration work so that information flows freely back to your CMS and/or the JusticeTech document management and workflow solution.

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“Searches at the Speed of Justice”
Whether a case brand new or chronicles decades of litigation, the eBench-equipped judge simply keys a full-text search to populate the file’s complimenting documentation. Doing so turns a tedious research project into a quick and simple sift of all electronically filed, imported or scanned data, including Local Rules, BenchBooks, or any volume of authored legal work.

“No-Frustration Annotations” A digitalized version of Post-It® Notes for court, JusticeTech’s eBench solution lends itself to secure bookmarks and annotation. Doing so allows the judge, or other authorized case preparer, to electronically “earmark” key pages for a prompt document review. Permissions can be set to ensure only authorized eyes see the bookmarks and/or annotation, and a Table of Contents guides the Judge to the exact page (s)he wants to go. Additionally, the lifecycle of the case can be further detailed time stamps and a running register of observations.

Related Cases
Regardless of the case type, performing a related-cases search is a standard necessity for the Judge. Doing so charters a proper course for each case and protects constituents, such as when acts of domestic violence are revealed in a divorce. Equipped with the eBench, related cases are within one click’s reach.

Intelligent Preparations
The standard orders created by Judges are seamlessly imported into our eBench solution, becoming intelligent templates that point to case data. In that one click, case types, numbers, affiliated parties, judicial and lawyer information, order dates, and other relevant case data integrates into the document.

As orders are prepared and passed to the Judge for review, MS Word allows the Judge to make all edits directly on the document. Afterward, the Judge simply and securely eSigns the document before it’s distribution to the court.

An additional feature unique to Florida is integration with an eFiling portal, which keeps digitalized data flow in motion.

All Rise! With aiSMARTBENCH

A Judicial dashboard blueprinted “by judges, for judges,” our eBench solution ensures the Judge keeps pace as modern courts journey toward digital transformation.

Because when the judge wins, justice wins.

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