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Great Lakes Water Authority Live with OnBase Document Retention Solution

Michigan’s regional Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) is now live with a three-module records management and document retention solution, supported by OnBase. The solution includes: (1) a local government integration for BS&A community development software allowing integration with an existing OnBase system for document query and metadata retrieval, (2) a local government office business application module supporting one-click access for storing, retrieving and editing OnBase documents and related content through a familiar Microsoft Office interface, and (3) a records management module managing the retention, disposition and destruction of managed record folders in accordance with GLWA’s business rules, external regulations and/or compliance laws

Gartner Magic Quadrant (GMQ) Honors Hyland as a Leader in Content Services Platforms

As a Platinum Partner of Hyland, we are thrilled to congratulate their success on being recognized as a leader in Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms. Their renowned product OnBase, alongside a portfolio of other solutions, serves as a testament to Hyland’s completeness of vision and ability to execute. According to Gartner, content services is “the practice of content management, collaboration and dissemination that is best-enabled through a set of services that coordinate content usage by all parties — users, systems and applications.” More applause for our partner can be read here, which speaks to the breadth of content services and overall future of digital transformation that ImageSoft can deliver to its customers. Looking forward to many more years of celebrations and partnership with you, Hyland!

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Is this hotel pager friendly?

It’s 2020 and Pagers Don’t Text

Initially, this blog was going to be opened by quoting the numerous dry-humored 2020 internet memes floating about, such as “We are not Barbara Walters, but this is 2020,” but we figured that’s too expected of us. You’re welcome. Read More

The Value of a Signature Solution. eSignature, That Is.

There are not many IT activities as pointless as making a process ‘paperless’ and then, at the end of the process, still printing a document so that you can get a wet signature on the paper. The benefits of paperless technology are to avoid time delays and the expense caused by using paper to capture transactions. Read More

2019 changing to 2020.

The Decade Challenge: ImageSoft Style

As we countdown to 2020, social media is aglow with people posting pictures of what they looked like a decade ago. When I think of where ImageSoft was in 2009, we’ve certainly come a long way. Read More

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