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As users, we appreciate the digital era’s priorities of comfort and convenience – until it’s used against us. With personally identifiable information and other sensitive data in continuous shuffle between government agencies, law enforcement and courts, paper-raised emblems offer no protection against the many avenues open for circumvention.

Certifications are a key component in digital transformation, taking raised seals to raised standards with additional capabilities for assured security and authenticity.

A Certifiably Simple Process
Paperless certifications start with the click of a button, which generates an official copy of the certifying document with its own unique cover page. The document’s bottom margin will also be marked with identifiers, ensuring all pages stay in the correct order and are not lost in the process. From there, official copy is uploaded to a TrueCertify portal, which can be configured directly on an organization’s website or at

Once in the portal, permitted parties will be email a link that includes an encryption key and further instruction. This secure paperless process saves the clerk some foot traffic and constituents the hassle of commuting as certified document can then be emailed as a PDFs or shared in downloadable formats. Yes, certified documents can always be printed and snail-mailed or handed over in person, but who doesn’t love self-service from home?

Rest Assure All is Secure
In addition to TrueCertify’s inherent security protocol of encryption keys, portals and cover pages, security measures go one step further just to ensure it is truly impossible to steal, forge or circumvent a document.

Equipped with expiration functionality, documents expire after an allotted amount of time and, because the portal does not maintain a copy of the encryption key, data cannot be stolen.

Take Service Beyond Five Stars
Our modern world’s dynamic justice system demands dynamic solutions. Solve for user-friendliness, convenience, efficiency and, most importantly, security, simply by taking your processes paperless. A win for both clerks and citizens, your organization’s service will be so good that 5 stars just won’t be enough.

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