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The time, cost, inconvenience and overall inefficiency of the paper filing process is just as taxing on court clerks and attorneys as it is on pro se filers. Solve for each of those pain points and everyone’s frustration with around-the-clock electronic filing. Also known as TrueFiling.

With the right documents and a secure internet location, filers file online from home, the office, a desk or at any time and place that’s convenient for them. Developed on user-centric blueprints, TrueFiling alleviates the grunt work of internal processes by minimizing (if not completely eliminating) both paper and travel.

Universal Integrations
The key to unlocking every filer’s self-service is seamless integration with all case and/or document management systems. Doing so allows eliminates the need or risk involved with re-keying data, and allows filers to open new cases and/or filings with one click. From there, the case files are electronically delivered to the proper CMS for docketing.

While supportive of all case types, TrueFiling has niche functionality for criminal filings thanks to the Law Enforcement Agency Portal (LEAP), which integrates with our Paperless Prosecutor Solution to present a streamlined, more secure platform for collaboration between courts, law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office.

Case Filings for Miles
The one-stop shop for all filings, TrueFiling’s multi-jurisdictional platform allows filers to take care of all their cases with just one login. From one familiar user interface, filers have access to every court and can navigate individual case management systems (CMS), various fees, and all case types.

Whether leveraged as an electronic filing service provider (EFSP), an electronic filing manager (EFM) or both, TrueFiling keeps filers connected. As an EFSP, TrueFiling supports integration with any existing ECF 4.0-conformant electronic filing managers (EFM) with an intuitive interface. As an EFM, users centralize all communication with multiple EFSPs.

Many of our customers have chosen to have their cake and eat it too by deploying TrueFiling as both an EFSP and EFM.

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Filing Review Workflow
Staffed with one clerk of fifteen, our Filing Review workflow is configurable to your court’s needs so it may digitally manage the incoming filings, which includes sending them en route to the right hands.

Clerks enjoy files at their fingertips with the ability to key searches and electronically populate all documents and data surrounding that case. And because multiple clerks can simultaneously search and view the same file or document, bottlenecks will be far and few between. When backlogs do happen, the Filing Review Workflow will provide operational visibility to the hold up while automatic workload balancing and drag-and-drop project reassignments direct the staff’s attention to the issue. Call volumes will also be reduced as automated notifications (eNotifications) alert filers when their case has been processed.

Pro Se Litigants
Navigating the court system is stressful and confusing enough without the added time and frustration of commuting to the courthouse or paying for postage. With 24x7 filing access, pro se litigants can digitally file at the most convenient time and place in their schedule. TrueFiling’s Electronic Commerce module is also available to filers who wish to view and/or purchase court-approved lists of filings associated with their case. Of course, their certified copies will be digitally delivered as well.

Automatically notified of status updates regarding their cases, pro se filers enjoy the transparency necessary to sustain timely turnaround.

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