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TrueFiling is a 7x24 Web-based eFile and service solution for court, law firm and individual filers. It expedites justice by reducing paper handling and travel time and improves your court’s internal processes through electronic workflow.

  • ECF 4.x Conformant
  • Configurable Attorney Portal
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Platform
  • Powerful Workflow Interface (Filing Review)
  • Integrates to your CMS and DMS

The solution supports all case types for all trial and appellate courts and integrates with your court’s Case Management System (CMS) and Document Management System (DMS) system to create a true electronic court environment. TrueFiling is based on industry standards and is Oasis ECF conformant.

As a multi-jurisdictional platform, your filers only need a single login to access the various courts providing a consistent experience while simplifying administration.

  • Integrates with multiple Case Management Systems (CMS)
  • Each court can have unique CMS, case types, fees, etc
  • Create new cases and search existing ones
  • Save time keying with data transfer to your CMS

TrueFiling is designed to be integrated with any Case Management System that can exchange data whether it’s creating new cases, searching existing ones, or adding new filings to an open case. It also allows for the data from approved filings to be electronically sent over to your case management system so you don’t waste time re-keying in the same data.

TrueFiling can also supplement your current civil eFiling solution by providing a complete solution for criminal case that integrates with the JusticeTech Prosecution solution. This allows you to broaden your eFiling access without having to replace your existing investment for civil cases.

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The Filing Review workflow allows you to electronically manage all the incoming filings whether you have one clerk or twenty and route them to any party.

  • Highly configurable to the needs of the court
  • Automatic workload balancing and drag-and-drop work reassignment
  • Available eSign and eCertify (electronic seals) reduce printing
  • eNotifications saves postage and handling
  • Automatic updates to portal as filings are processed

With Filing Review Workflow, you no longer have to go searching for case files which provides a faster response to inquiries. It provides instant visibility into your operations which can help you to identify bottlenecks, training opportunities and performance incentives.

With increased capacity due to automation, there is less impact from retirements and attrition and it may also save on overtime and peak volume staffing. You might also free up some staff to finally address those delayed projects.


For the filer, TrueFiling saves considerable time and expense by eliminating travel. Past filing can be searched, and electronic service reduces postage and paper handling costs. Users of the 7x24 solution find it both convenient and transparent resulting in more efficient handling by the court.

TrueFiling also offers an optional Electronic Commerce module to allow filers using TrueFiling EFSP access to electronic case files as determined by the court. The Electronic Commerce module enables courts to let filers view and/or purchase the entire list of filings associated with a case.

ImageSoft reduces administrative overhead associated with eFiling by providing centralized support, account administration, billing and payment, electronic service, and online training.

Key benefits of Using TrueFiling:

  • Online Access
  • Improve Productivity
  • Case Types
  • Proof of Service
  • eCommerce
  • Save Time

Satisfy demand for greater online access to court and electronic case file

Improve productivity by offloading document capture and indexing to filer

Multi-jurisdictional, supporting all courts and case types

Provide convenient eService with automatic proof of service

Support eCommerce for the controlled sale of court documents to the public

Save staff time and generate additional revenue for the clerk’s office

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